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"Neha Gupta is changing the way teenagers grow up. She is helping tens of thousands of teenagers across the globe to find their passion.” -Medium

"Neha Gupta's passion is unparalleled."
-Entrepreneur magazine

Neha Gupta is the founder of College Shortcuts, Dream Life Foundation, Dream School TV, and winner of Houston's Fast 100 Companies by Houston Business Journal. Her past corporate experience of being an intrapreneur was at Goldman Sachs and COACH. Neha Gupta is a three-time best selling author, TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, 7 figure business owner, and serial entrepreneur.

Organizations like Rice University, KPMG, Archangels Summit, and more call on Neha to transform, change, and uplift their members into finding their passion and building their dreams.  She has been invited to Richard Branson's private island to discuss minority women in entrepreneurship, Tony Robbins' private island for business masterminds, and Mindvalley Universities goal of shifting the educational system as an advisor of their teen program. Neha has been featured on Good Morning LA, FOX News, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vanity Fair, and over 100 publications for her expertise in business, entrepreneurship, and educational expertise. 


Neha is a sought-after keynote speaker and a charismatic thought leader in online marketing, business, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and education arena. She has been invited to assist in projects with Mindvalley as part of their Mindvalley University program, in Richard Branson's initiatives with Re-Defining Education at Necker Island, in Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels for Teens, and in Tony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership Summit. She has spoken as a keynote speaker for the National Speakers Association, KPMG, UCLA, Rice, Archangels Summit, and, many more.


Coming from a family that has built universities around the world, Neha has continued this legacy by working with local communities to build multiple schools in Kenya. Through her Dream Life Foundation, she is on a mission to build 100 schools around the globe and redefine what education and achievement look like for the next generation. 


Neha invited to Tony Robbins private island in Fiji for private event


Neha with New York Times Best Seller, Jay Shetty


Neha invited to advise on Mindvalley University Teen Program, Vishen Lakhiani


Neha invited to Richard Branson's Necker island in for private event on entrepreneurship


Neha with Keynote Speaker, Trent Shelton


Neha with Dr. Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General


Neha invited to Kenya to build schools with Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels


Neha with Oprah's Top Expert, Dr. Shefali Tsbary


Neha with musician Melissa Ethridge

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Neha Gupta is a best-selling author, having written The Four Year Plan, College Shortcuts The Guidebook, and a featured contributor in Chicken Soup For The Soul

As a high-achiever who has struggled with stress and anxiety in the past, Neha loves helping driven individuals, creators, and entrepreneurs of all ages learn how to achieve their goals without losing balance. She addresses this topic head on in her thought-provoking TEDx talk, “Is Achievement Killing Us?” and was voted one of the top TEDx speakers of TEDx South Lake Tahoe.


Dream School TV is a web-series that helps to shine light on all topics related to teens and the first ever created to interview experts in multiple industries to help people to find their passion and fulfill their dreams.

The entrepreneur experience

As a female minority founder, Neha Gupta believes that we need fresh faces to show the leaders of tomorrow. With the ever-changing beliefs around women and minorities, Neha believes that empowering new faces and being a role model for them will help to nurture the next generation of changemakers.


systems and scaling

Neha Gupta is a winner of the two comma club award at ClickFunnels and is one of the less than 10 minority women to have achieved this with one funnel. She is a ninja at online marketing, advertising, funnel building, lead generation, and how to build an effective team. Her expertise can help those who are starting with an idea to those who run successful companies to hone their passion and scale to millions. She knows how to teach her skills to large corporate employees to get a higher return on ROI and productivity so employees treat their jobs as if they are intrapreneurs.


Neha has been passionate about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship for over three decades. She has worked at large corporations such as Goldman Sachs and COACH and knows what it takes to be a successful employee. She is an incredible online marketer, knows how to build systems, and loves to teach about business and strategies to help others find their passion and amplify their voices. She is also passionate about helping companies help their employees shift attitudes, create a strong mindset, and build more positivity in the workplace. Here, Neha is the keynote speaker at the National Speakers Association.

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