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In today's world, business owners are struggling with ineffective team members, over-working, and a lack of systems. In organizations, employees are resigning feeling unfulfilled and looking elsewhere.


Why is this shift happening?


Entrepreneurs and business owners want to do more, make less, and love their lives.


Employees want to feel connected, passionate about their work, and fulfilled.


If you want your organization to survive in a world where passion and fulfillment matters in the workplace, Neha Gupta empowers leaders, executives, business owners, and employees on how to love their life and adopt an intrapreneurial mindset.

She believes that with her entrepreneurial solutions, all organizations must consider intrapreneurship in their organizations where employees feel as though they are business owners within the larger ecosystem.

People need to feel more fulfilled, step out of their own way, and have a well-balanced life outside of work.

Do you have an upcoming conference and need a high-energy, high-value keynote speaker?

Are you looking for a powerful strategies-packed program to wow your members?

Book Neha TODAY! 

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